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Bee Gee's Fun Fans Only
Interview Transcripts - Page 5

Maurice's On-Line Chat - Capital FM, London

MsMilliee : YEAH
Tara27 : OH MY GOD!!
Yuri : Hi Maurice!(from Russia:)
BeeGees : Hello everyone, Maurice here...
Bertschinger : Hi Mo
BGgirl : Hello Mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mapleleafs : Hello from Canada!!!!
PuppyChow : Hello Mr. Gibb.
Juergen : Hi Mo, big welcome from Germany
LynnLyda : Hi Mo
Taren : This is so fun!
BeeGees : MsMillie - We'll try to stay as long as we can at WKTU party in New York, but we have an early flight the next morning...
BeeGees : Galocha: we are releasing 'I Surrender' as a single in the near future...
BeeGees : Juergen: Yes, we will be doing concerts in Europe next year...
enzo : ciao from Italy, MO!!
galocha : Hi, Maurice. I'm Diego, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Your music means everything to me. Please, never stop making music. I want to ask you if you're planning to release the song 'I surrender' as a single. I think that can be a No. 1 in USA.
BeeGees : galocha: We will be visiting South America in the New Year.
JENNJOJO : To MO where do you chat on your computer???
BeeGees : JennJojo: I use a Compaq as my Home PC... and I surf an awful lot...
BeeGees : Werner: Hopefully, in the New Year, we will be touring Brazil...
BeeGees : Tara27: All three of us wrote 'Closer Than Close'
drea : Barry, you are gorgeous! Love ya man!
BeeGees : Barry's not here! I think I'm gorgeous too (it's Maurice here)
BGWildflower : Maurice! You are gorgeous!!!
BeeGees : Thanks BG...
Vickie : Maurice, does Yvonne have any idea how lucky she is?!?!
BeeGees : BGWiildflower: at the moment, the only concert in the US is in Vegas, November 14
BeeGees : Vickie - I know how lucky I am...
admin : EVERYONE ... you can see Maurice on the WebCam now!
BeeGees : Genie: The carnival opening of Wish You Were Here refers to Andy always being a fun-loving guy..
BeeGees : BGgirl, hopefully in the New Year, Atlanta will be on our touring list...
BeeGees : PuppyChow: Yes, I Could Not Love You More is a song to our children, well spotted! ;o) gloria : Hi Maurice.......
archibald : what did you think of boyzones cover of words???
BeeGees : BGgirl: All the songs you would love to hear will be on the Vegas Show
Eleonore : Maurice, what camera do you use?
enzo : Any chance for see you in Italy?
BGgirl : Thank you MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BeeGees : Words by Boyzone was a very good version
Juergen : I want to proove your answer to BGgirl. I'm coming from Stuttgart to Germany.
eug : Just wanted to say that I appreciate your gift of music that you have shared with the world. Keep the wonderful tunes coming!
CheekyDee : Why did you agree to do this and is the Furst time you have been on a chat room????
bgmelody : Hey Maurice! It's Renee here. Gotta get back to work. Will see you & talk to you when you get back home. Have fun everybody!!
BeeGees : I use an Olympus camera, enzo...
Bertschinger : Mo, ever heard the "Spanglish Version" of Words by boyzone?
PuppyChow : I can die a happy woman now. Thanx Mo
Juergen : to Vegas, I meant. Sorry.
admin : www.capitalfm.co.uk - click on the Square Eye Button and you will see Maurice live online! BGWildflower : Mo, where did Moby come from? :o)
bgmelody : Bye Peter!
Taren : Morris - how did you manage to succeed in both your education and you music at the same time?
Benz : Hi Mo, hope to see you in Cologne. You MUST see my Bee Gees tattoo !!
BeeGees : BG I can't talk about Moby Online...:o)))
Alesinho : Maurice, I think your greatest song was On time, what do you think about it?
Shaunna : Maurice, You said that one of your favorite hobbies is photography but what type of photography do you concentrate on? Like wildlife or landscapes, etc...
BGWildflower : LOL!
Eleonore : Maurice, is there any chance of seeing your photos? Please ask Nicky for details!
BGWildflower : Oh my!
enzo : You like"How deep" version by portrait?
MsMilliee : Hey Mo - did you get my letter? LOL!
Chas : BEEGEES, can you tell us why you decided to do this on the chat line\/
PuppyChow : so You're into photography..wink,wink,nudge,nudge
BGWildflower : Mo, my mom is screaming at me to tell you she loves you to death!
BeeGees : enzo: How Deep by Portrait was a beautiful version.
BeeGees : Cos I was bored!
Nicole : Mo, is there any chance there will be solo work re-released on CD any time in the future?
CosmoZoo : MAURICE: Do you like London tonight?
BeeGees : Thanks BG... and thanks to your mum
Bertschinger : Mo, I saw a painting by Dwina (at Andy's house) - tell her it's amazing (she'll know which one I mean)
BeeGees : Nicole: no we, like working together
Yuri : Hey boys (BG) something good for Russia please:)(song or by words)
Val4BGS : Barry - how do you and Linda manage with 4 boys (teenagers are so difficult). I'd love to know your secret to turning out decent kids.
BGgirl : Mo.....Do you remember getting E-mail from MrsBACG or STomlin727?
MsMilliee : MO - how can a fan get something autographed? I have a WONDERFUL quilt made for me by a friend...
BeeGees : Barry's not here - sorry can't answer that! It's Maurice here.
Taren : Maurice - How do fans get so lucky as to meet you?
BeeGees : You can win signed CDs on the website!
Eleonore : When will the song "In Case" be released?
BGWildflower : Mo, just wanted to say that my school chorus here in Fl, my teacher is making me sing "Country Lanes" as a solo
BeeGees : Never heard of In Case!!!
Bertschinger : Mo, loved your joke 'bout your brothers having 12:00 flashing on their VCR's
KarenEllen : Maurice, I am looking forward to the concert in Vegas. Will any of you guys visit the pre-concert fan parties???
MsMilliee : MO - thanks SO much for being here - this is VERY EXCITING!
CosmoZoo : MAURICE: Can I win too???
Juergen : Mo, what will you perform in Cologne and Saarbruecken this weekend?
gloria : Is Barry and Robin here?
galocha : Hi, Maurice. I'm Diego, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Your music means everything to me. Please, never stop making music. I want to ask you if you're planning to release the song 'I surrender' as a single. I think that can be a No. 1 in USA.
Vickie : Mo, Vickie here...any truth to the rumor you guys take time out to talk to your fans if they drop by your studio?
BGgirl : Hey I'm coming to Vegas from Atlanta hope to see you at a the fan party!!!!
Alesinho : Mo, when will "Just in case" be released?
BeeGees : KarenEllen: We will visit a couple of the parties
enzo : Mo Please come to sing in Italy we're a lot of crazy fans!
Tracey22 : Hey Mo, in the Keppel Road video, Barry described Robin as eccentric and you as the man in the middle...How would you describe Barry in a couple of words?
Bertschinger : Yeah, Mo, what about JUST IN CASE
THEBeeGeesFan : Maurice-will you come to Pittsburgh sometime in the future????
Eleonore : Maurice, you played "In Case" in the video-docu which was shown a few weeks ago on TV. I think it's name was "Kettleroad" or something like this.
BeeGees : Barry and Robin are On Air at the moment
Taren : Maurice - you will visit a couple of the parties!
BeeGees : Just In Case! Ahhh! It's not been finished yet...
Bertschinger : FINISH IT !!!!!!!!!
Eleonore : In Case is a beautiful song!
enzo : No news on Streisand and You album?
PuppyChow : Good thing it wasn't called Just in Time
rob49 : Love Never Dies rocks!
Bertschinger : Sorry, Mo, didn't wanna be offensive : FINISH IT, P L E A S E ! !
galocha : Will you come to Argentina someday? There are many fans here waiting here for you.
Eleonore : Barry, I hope you did get well again and are as sound as a bell!
Taren : Maurice - Why don't you sing solo more often? You've got a great voice!
Chas : Maurice, why aren't you on air with them as well?
admin : Please stop typing
archibald : what's your best song of all time, mines how deep is your love
BeeGees : I'm not on air with them cos I'm a geek!
Val4BGS : Will you make an appearance at the preconcert luncheon hosted by Kathy Gray?
Eleonore : Maurice, what's your favorite photographer?
Alesinho : I want Barry to know that in my opinion he is the greatest pop-songwriter-genius ever!!!!
BeeGees : How Deep Is Your Love is very close to our hearts
lovegibb : inception/nostalgia will it be released again on cd
BeeGees : sorry, lovegibb, that's a no..
MsMilliee : Mo - you're NOT a geek!
lm1222 : Hello to Barry, Robin and Maurice. I've been a fan for 30 years, you are wonderful! I was wondering if you ever considered issuing an official release of your videos (none of which I have ever seen!). There are too few video releases of you!
Bertschinger : If he know me, it would be me, I guess, Eleonore... :)))
lovegibb : no, what do you mean no
KarenEllen : Tara, I will e mail you with details of the parties
mjs : Please answer yes to a possible UK tour date???
BeeGees : Yes, Andy Gibb Collection out soon... watch VH1
BGWildflower : Mo, you are far from a geek!!!
Shaunna : Hi Enzo!
BeeGees : mjs: UK Dates in the works at the moment
Alesinho : Bee Gees, what do you think of Paul Simon??
MEL0DY : MO what does I O I O stand for?
mjs : brill thanks
cabma : I second that BGWildflower!
BeeGees : no, I'm a classical geek...
JamesH : Bee Gees What do you think of Aqua?
BeeGees : Yes Tara, for you I am singing 'Closer'
galocha : Maurice, Will you release 'I surrender' as a single? It will be a No. 1!
Taren : Morris - Love your hats! Where do you get them?
Vickie : Mo, there is nothing geeky about you!
Bertschinger : Mo, any chance to see you live on stage in Switzerland, THE ONLY COUNTRY WHERE "STILL WATERS" got #1!
BeeGees : I try not to think of Aqua...
PuppyChow : Tara just fainted
Tara27 : WOW!!!!!!!!
lovegibb : bee gees, will you leave polydor
Nicole : Mo, i heard that there are possible concert dates in NY and Miami. What time of year are you guys thinking of?
JENNJOJO : TO MO if your a geek we all are
MsMilliee : YES! MO'S SINGING A LEAD IN VEGES!!!!!!!! :-)
Tara27 : REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BeeGees : Nicole, possibly the new year
TerriBridge : Yes he is a geek...., and that's good....
Alesinho : Bee Gees, your opinion about Paul simon?
vicfra : Do you plan to come to Italy in your european tour?
Chas : will the other two be on the chat line later?
BGWildflower : Aqua!? Barbie song people? *Shudder*
drea : Still Waters....the BEST
JENNJOJO : TO Nic where are you
BeeGees : Paul Simon is brilliant
Bertschinger : Mo, what about Switzerland now? Any chance?
BeeGees : Hopefully, Italy will be included in the tour
Juergen : Shouldn't the question be "What year ...?" :-) just kidding.
Taren : Maurice- how did you manage schoool and singing? Your so well educated?
lovegibb : how long are the bros gonna be
archibald : is there any song you would like to cover??
JamesH {action: } smiles.
BeeGees : Chaz, sorry, no the other two are busy doing interviews - won't I do?
enzo : MO please don't shoot me !! Why you don't specify something about concert in Europe next year France? Italy? Holland?
PuppyChow : Who is foreignergie and who is Bodding?
BGWildflower : Mo, got any favorite newer bands?
rob49 : Mo, Is Barry really blessed?!
BeeGees : Yes, Tara
Tara27 : oh my god!!!!!!!!!!
Shaunna : Sooo...Maurice! What kind of photography odo you like? ;)
Bertschinger : Mo, PLEASE, what about Switzerland, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
KarenEllen : Maurice, you just made my day by answering my question, and also with the news about the Miami concert! I will be there!!!
Nicole : Is it true that you wonderful : ) guys take time out to meet with fans outside of your studio?
Daisy9 : How do you feel about the inacurate disco band label?
MsMilliee : Mo - you CAN"T give it to just Tara! All the other Mo-lovers will CRY!
BeeGees : No new bands blow me away at the moment
lovegibb : roll on vegas
BGWildflower : Mo, do you remember meeting Bette, or B.J. in Maine not too long ago?
JamesH : You're great Maurice!
gloria : Barry are you feeling better now?
PamJH : Hi Mo! Just happy to finally get in here!
BeeGees : thanks James...
Alesinho : Maurice, is Barry s problem with artrithis better?
LynnLyda : Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this Maurice.
BeeGees : yes, much better thanks gloria
MEL0DY : MO have you guys ever considered doing an "unplugged" cd?
BeeGees : Barry is in tip top form
Chas : thanks for making my Mum happy with your songs
gloria : Good Barry we been prayin for you..:)
JENNJOJO : TO MO so are you!!!
Taren : Bee Gees - how many instruments do you play? You guys are great!
Bertschinger : Glad to hear Barry's feeling better. Nicest news since the chat began!!
BeeGees : Melody: Unplugged no, but the Vegas show will be a live CD release.
MEL0DY {action: } applauds fervently.
rob49 : Mo, what's your favorite bass? The Rick?
KarenEllen : I love all three of you guys! You're like friends, although I have never met you. I appreciate you so much!
Genie : Mo, my parents were friends with Bill Shepherd--what a wonderful guy he was! :) He always told great stories to me and spoke very highly of all of you!!
BeeGees : Thanks so much KarenEllen
drea : Hey MO! Tell Barry I'm in love!!
Benz : Maurice, please answer the "I.O." question
Vickie : This may have been asked before but will you be releasing the PPV on video?
Bertschinger : And video, Mo, will there be a videotape available from the VEGAS-show?
Nicole : Mo, how are all the kids? Your daughter is only two months (to the day) older than me
BeeGees : My fave bass is the Viola Epiphone
mjs : Will we in the UK get to see the Vegas show, if so how?
archibald : I don't know if anyones asked already,when are you next doing a show in london??
Alesinho : Maurice, are you a good e-guitar player (I know that there is Alan Kendalll but...)
MEL0DY : please do let us in on what IO means
lovegibb : polydor have not marketed you properly, will you move labels
BeeGees : mjs: Yes, it will be on sattellite
Irish : Hi Maurice...,,
CrazyCarrie : Maurice: Where did you get the name 'Moby'?
mjs : thanks
rob49 : Is the Moby story x-rated, Mo?
galocha : Maurice, you and your brothers are the greatest! Are you coming to Argentina?
BeeGees : Moby is XXX rated!!!!
gator1 : Hi Mo, will you bring John with you to Cologne on Saturday?
Tara27 : HAHAHAH
CosmoZoo : Maurice: You are right handed :)
Eleonore : Maurice, I'll coming from Germany only to see your concert Vegas.Will there be a party after the show or have I go early to bed?
PamJH : Mo, I'll bet we could guess about Moby...
Val4BGS : Can you guys even see everything that is being typed? If you say hi to me I'll know you're really there.
BeeGees : gator1: Yes, John will be with us...
cabma : Maurice, do you think you might be coming to Canada someday?
Taren : Mo - Did you enjoy filming Sgt. Pepper with Peter Frampton?
PuppyChow : Why do you get all the nasty songs?...Look at how much I drip At the point of ecstacy
BeeGees : Val: I can see everything!!!
rob49 : So do all of you have nicknames of questionable origin??
Juergen : I will be coming from Germany to Vegas, too. Most Germans will come.
MEL0DY : MO WHen you guys are in NY NOV 1 will you do another radio interview with HOWard Stern?
TerriBridge : Just saying Hi, Mo....
PamJH : Mo, whose idea was the Andy part of the Vegas show. Looking forward to it.
BeeGees : Canada will be among our New Year touring schedule
CrazyCarrie : Are all three of you here today or just the PC man?
drea : Please make Vegas video for sale!
BeeGees : Puppy - Nice One!
MsMilliee : wow, this is SO cool!
Bertschinger : Mo, you still didn't answer my questioon if you come to Switzerland - just say no if you don't know this yet.
archibald : We've had an audience with Elton John,How about an audience with the Bee Gees???
BeeGees : Looking forward to seeing yo Juergen
gloria : Well there be a video of the Vegas conceit?
BeeGees : Melody, we might do Howard again
Nicole : Mo, you need to show your bros how to set those VCR clocks and how to use the computer!! : )
enzo : did you like work with Eric clapton on Bunbury project?
MsMilliee : how can you keep up Mo?
admin : tara .. stop shouting
Eleonore : Guys is there any question you would like I should ask you?
BeeGees : All three of us came up with the idea of the Andy section to the Vegas show
Tara27 : ok sorry
CosmoZoo : Maurice, please go to Howard and Shoot him
rob49 : Hey Mo, I'm so excited I just had to turn on my cardiac monitor...
Juergen : Thanks, mo. I'll be coming back to that.
Daisy9 : Bee Gees, I really love your music!!!! Will there be any items for sale at the Las Vegas concert? Love, Maranda
BGWildflower : I've got a pretty good guess now! :o)
BeeGees : Bertschingher: We'll be thee for Christmas hols - might bump into you!
PamJH : I can't wait for the whole show, but the Andy part will make me cry I'm sure. Thanks.
Taren : Maurice - Can't wait for the Vegas show! You mean more to my mom and I then you can imagine! You are so inspirational!
lovegibb : will your solo recordings be released again also bunbury tales
BeeGees : Yes, there will be a video of the Vegas concert
MEL0DY : MO Will you guys make a Christmas CD?
BeeGees : Working with Eric has always been fun
MsMilliee : MO - if we e-mail you, will you read it?
BeeGees : I take Vitamins to keep up!
Val4BGS : Thanks guys :-) I saw a clip of you on the news singing acapella - man you still got it?
rob49 : Keep up what?
masato : Is there any possibility to write a disco song like Night Fever again?
BeeGees : Sorry, Cosmo, shooting Howard is against the law
lovegibb : will you work with eric again?
Alesinho : Bee Gees, was "All by Myself" your first released song, Mo???
Benz : Mo, do you read the words-mailing-list ??????
iomvc : Have you see the Bee Gees Photo Gallery on the Isleof Man Visitors Club site at http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~iomvc/y7pag.htm Birthplace of the Bee Gees
BGgirl : Are you coming to the luncheon at the Motown Cafe before the show?
mapleleafs : You are going to tour?
Bertschinger : Cool, Mo! Thanx for the answer!
BeeGees : masato: disco: been there, done that
drea : When will Vegas concert air on T.V.?
BeeGees : gloria: yes
enzo : why dont re-release Bunbury project?
PamJH : We'd sure love to see you at the pre-concert lunch at the Motown Cafe Moby!
tonycruz : Hi there from Portugal
BeeGees : drea: January
CosmoZoo : Maurice, cool joke about the law :o)
Nicole : Mo, could you do me a favor? Can you say hi to Vickie. She really likes you and it would mean a lot to her
Vickie : So Mo are you game for cloning so there's more of you to go around?!
BeeGees : What's that about Bill Sheperd, genie?
Val4BGS : Sorry. You still got it was not a question!!!
BGWildflower : Mo, since you said that you surf the web a lot, do you ever go to any Bee Gee sites?
MsMilliee : MO?
Smooth_Criminal : any MJ fans ?
BeeGees : enzo: unfortunately, the Bunbury project is not going to be rereleased
Bertschinger : Mo, have you been going potty BEFORE the chat? :-)
BeeGees : BG - yes, I often visit BeeGees sites on the Web
mjs : Do your kids like your music??
PamJH : We better be on our best behavior on the message board, Words list then!
BeeGees : Wrong chat, Smooth Criminal
rob49 : Mo, will Barry and Rob ever get PC-literate?
BeeGees : all our kids love music
vicfra : Hi from Italy!!!!!!!!
lovegibb : will you stay with polydor for the rest of your recording years
Daisy9 : Mo...How tall are you and your brothers?
Taren : Maurice -What's it like to be on stage in front of thousands of people?
mjs : Yes but do they like YOUR music??
CosmoZoo : Maurice, if I'll send you the lyrics for "All This Making Love", will you sing it alive? :)
Smooth_Criminal : what do you mean BG ?
BGWildflower : Cool! Go to mine! :o) JK
iomvc : Did you see the article about yourselves in the Manx Independent last week ?
BeeGees : rob49: No, they don't know where the plug is!
tonycruz : when are you coming to portugal for a show?
PuppyChow : Could you let Robin and Dwina know that I volunteer to be a third?
Alesinho : Mo, do you know the Austrian group STS? They are the austrian Bee Gees with their three part harmony!!!
Bertschinger : Mo, there is: Boyzone recorded Words halfway spanish !!!
BeeGees : lovegibb: polydor= so far, so good!
Tara27 : i stll can't believe Mo is really here!!
BeeGees : Yes, they do! Thankfully
rob49 : Mo, you're a doll for taking the time to do this. We love you, love!
mjs : Nice one
lovegibb : opinion is not the same
Genie : Mo, my parents were friends with Bill Sheperd and he always told me great stories about your family! He always spoke so highly of you all :)
LynnLyda : Thanks again Mo.
BGgirl : Mo what is like to be a father in the music business?
BeeGees : Bill was a wonderful man, and we miss him
JENNJOJO : TO MO DO your kids really love your music or because it feeds them?
enzo : what do you think of the work you did with Celine? Is IMMORTALITY a ballad?
Bertschinger : Mo, if you do, will you come to Switzerland again by train?
BeeGees : JennJojo - no, our kids are very honest - they'd tell me if they didn't like music
lovegibb : im flying to vegas from london, will celine be your only guest
Nicole : Mo, are any of your kids (yours, Robins, and Barrys) pursueing musical careers?
Taren : MAURICE - IF you weren't a singer/musician what would you be?
BeeGees : enzo: Celine did an amazing job, and it is a ballad
PamJH : Mo, silly queston alert--how many hats do you own?
Eleonore : What was your best time in your life (besides now of course)
archibald : did you like the impression Kenny Everet did of you
iomvc : What is your favourite place on the Isle Of Man ?
BeeGees : yes, celine is our only guest
BeeGees : taren: a gynocologist
CosmoZoo : Maurice: Who is most lazy person in the Bee Gees?
lovegibb : that is great, thanks boys
BeeGees : Cosmo: MEEEE!
LynnLyda : LOL!!!!
PuppyChow : I need a PAP
Bertschinger : Mo, what other groups/musicians do you like?
RazzBogD : Hi Sparky. It's me, Jamie.
CosmoZoo {action: } laughs hysterically.
RATM : Maurice, from the compilers of the Book of Life, I send you love & a warm hello. I hope to get them to Vegas with me.
Juergen : Deborah seems not to be here. I promised to say to you from her, that you and your music mean so much to her.
enzo : MO do you prefer natural voices or falsetto?
RATM : I am here.
rob49 : Mo, your fans are animals!
lovegibb : what is your favorite singlr ,robin
Juergen : Oh sorry, there she is: RATM.
BeeGees : no, just joking
Alesinho : Maurice, were you good at school???
Vickie : Any chance you'll be singing Overnight in Las Vegas?
RazzBogD : Kgray, is that Kathy Gray?
BeeGees : Robin and Barry are in the studio! It's Mauric here...
BeeGees : I was terrible at school
KarenEllen : I would love to hear "overnight" too!
lovegibb : hi mo
Kgray : Yes, Razz
RazzBogD : I'm doing this at school
BeeGees : No, w won't be doing overnight - it's too high!!
Eleonore : Do you plan any solo-projects(or maybe working with Robin again?)
iomvc : have you seen the Isle of Man Visitors club Website ?
MsMilliee : Mo - who sings those sexy low parts in "Lovers"?
BGWildflower : You too Mo? Just got my report card yesterday..YIKES!
BeeGees : MsM - that's me!
TheSource : When is the musical coming out?
Tara27 : Mo.... will you all be singing Childern of the World I love that song!!
lovegibb : will you be doing pre 68 tracks in vegas
CrazyCarrie : Do you know if Spencer is still performing in Austin, Tx?
BeeGees : Taren, I never burned down a billboard...
MsMilliee : WOW MO - AWSOME JOB!
Val4BGS : Will you guys visit your mother while you're in Vegas? She must be so incredibly proud of you.
RazzBogD : Hi Judy
Daisy9 : Barry, Robin, and Maurice---Congradulations on all the awards and honors!!!! Love, Maranda-----See you in Las Vegas!
PamJH : How long will the show be...2 hours or longer? Keep those vitamins handy!
MsMilliee : Hi Jamie
Alesinho : Mo, but in the video Keppel Road you told us that you, other that your brothers, were Mr. Perfect when you were young!
Bertschinger : Mo, if ever you shouldn't be able to sing - I know all the lyrics - i even sing falsetto... (only when driving my car) ;-)
BeeGees : lovegibb: yes, we'll be doing pre698 tracks in vegas
Vickie : Where did you get those "moves" during the One for All tour? Will we see you move like that in Vegas?
RazzBogD : Wow, this is a lot better than the other live chat.
enzo : mo! I think your natural voice is very very good why don'you sing lead more often?
BeeGees : mum will be joining us in vegas, and we're very proud of her...
BeeGees : pamjh: yes, just over 2 hours
tonycruz : did you like to sing with the great barbra streisand?
Tracey22 : Mo, were you really the goody two shoes of the family when you guys were kids?
Nicole : Mo, are you guys going to be wearing the all-black suits for Vegas or will you guys be a little more casual?
CosmoZoo : Maurice, since I can't win your autographs, can I send you mine? :)
Juergen : Mo will you do MORE than 68 tracks in Vegas? In earnest: How long will it be?
Benz : where is the answer about "I.O." ??? :)
betz : Have you ever considered doing a song with David Bowie?
rob49 : Mo, what did Barry want to say to Lorianne Crook when the satellite feed ended?
BeeGees : Aleshino: Yes, I was a goody two shoes... the judge thought so anyway
iomvc : have you seen the Isle of Man Visitors club Website ? "IOMVC" Search Engine
KarenEllen : I must say that the one for all tour was incredible and I know that this concert will be even better!
lovegibb : will barry be singing anything from hawks in vegas
TheSource : When is the musical of 'Saturday Night Fever ' coming out??
BeeGees : I.O.I.O is african for Hello!
RazzBogD : Hey Judy, I'll send you the money tonight for latinks And Specks. LOL, I promise.
BGWildflower {action} o)
CosmoZoo : Maurice: I.O.!!!!
PamJH : African for Hello? Learn something new everyday!
MsMilliee : OK jamie
BeeGees : betz: not recently!
enzo : No bunbury in Vegas?
Taren : MAURICE - whose your favorite female singer?
gloria : Maryland would love to see Bee Gees..
PuppyChow : Mo, what is your favorite album of yours
Eleonore : And "Jumbo" means in african "how are you"!
BeeGees : TheSource: The musical of SNF comes out May5 1998
RazzBogD : Did Betsey make it here?
MsMilliee : Mo - loved the purple shirt on Rosie - will you keep adding color to the black? Much more interesting!
Tara27 : Mo... will you all be singing Childern of the World
TheSource : Thanx!
betz : Will you be doing Dimensions in concert?
BeeGees : enzo: NO Bunburys...
lovegibb : i would love to meet you in vegas, after all i am travelling from london
Nicole : Mo, will you be singing Wildflower in Vegas?
rob49 : I agree MsMillee, bring on the color...lose the black for a while...
BeeGees : it's the same people asking the questions - any others of you wanna ask me something?
TheSource : Has John Travolta said anything about appearing in the musical?
MEL0DY : MO will you be doing any concerts in NOrth Carolina Nest year?
archibald : will you be playing in London
Juergen : Eleonore, that was a good one!
Vickie : Love the black - don't change!
BeeGees : archibald: yes, in 1998
Alesinho : Maurice, really hope to do this again, But now i have to go thank you!!!!!
BeeGees : Vickie: I LOVE black
LynnLyda : Maurice is it really you and Robin singing together on Love Never Dies?
galocha : Maurice, sorry if you answer this, but are you going to release 'I surrender' as a single?
BGWildflower : Mo: Yeah! Sing Wildflower!! Please!!!
RazzBogD : What brand of hat does Maurice wear?
betz : RAZZ It's me Betsey!
BeeGees : Lynn: All three of us
Kgray : Yes, Maurice...thanks :) Can you tell us whether the Toni Braxton project "Just in Case" will happen?
PuppyChow : Black...colors...leave them all home...wear clear
Bertschinger : Will you be playing in Zurich, Mo?
LynnLyda : Thanks Maurice.
BeeGees : Razz: A black one
BeeGees : Tara, sorry, but no
RazzBogD : LOL
RazzBogD : Okay, thanks
Tara27 : OHHH
JENNJOJO : TO MO Tell Barry and Rob theres nothing wrong with being firebugs getting caught was the problem , I now collect candles.
BeeGees : KGray: not sure about ToniB project yet
RazzBogD : Hi Betsey. I made it. It's lunch time here at school.
Taren : MAURICE - who inspires you in your music and life?
BeeGees : Naked it is Puppy!!!
rob49 : Would Robin smack you if I asked you to give him a kiss for me? :)
Val4BGS : Ok, any possibility of you guys coming to Kansas City in the forseeable future?
PuppyChow : WoooHooo!!!
BeeGees : ok Jenn
LynnLyda : Maurice who is older you or Robin and what is the time span between you?
vicfra : Any Medley in your Vegas performance?
mapleleafs : Dear Barry: How is the arthritis
BeeGees : We;re still working out our full schedule for the US part of the tour
Vickie : OK...I missed something! What's this about naked?!?!
lovegibb : will you be doing juliet in vegas
RazzBogD : I agree with Pam
BeeGees : vcitra_ yes, Medley is included
Nicole : i didn't know that you guys were going to tour. VERY good news!! : )
Genie : Mo, is your niece Beri still in the music business?
Bertschinger : Mo, do you know that SW got #1 ONLY in Switzerland?
BeeGees : We'll chack out the OOMVC site- thanks
PamJH : Where's the tour consist of? Missed it.
enzo : MO don't kill me!! Do you like BABY AS YOU TURN from MAIN COURSE?
BeeGees : Have to go now - any last questions?
betz : Will you also be recording "Just In Case?"
Taren : Maurice - Who do you argue with more - Barry or Robin? Or neither?
PamJH : Thanks for being here Moby!
MsMilliee : I gotta get back to work - THANK YOU Maurice for being here! It was great fun! :-)
MEL0DY : MO I still have 2 papers cups from the 79 concert in Cinncinati OHIO.. you drank from one and Barry the other
JENNJOJO : TO MO will there be any new US singles released soon. Love ALONE
TerriBridge : Just take care of yourself, Mo....
BGgirl : Mo just want to say I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!1
rob49 : Thanks, Mo. You're the best.
PamJH : See you in Vegas!
BGgirl : Take care!!!!!!!
LynnLyda : God Bless the three of you Mo.
PuppyChow : LOVE YOU
BeeGees : Melody: Throw them away! We'll send yo some new ones!
MEL0DY : Thanks for doing this for us MO!
BGgirl : See you on Nov.14
Bertschinger : No question - BUT PLEASE COME TO SWITZERLAND!
betz : Thanks so much for the chat! You guys are the best!!!
Kgray : Thank you so much, Maurice :)
BeeGees : Last One: Jenn the next single is Still Waters...
Taren : Mauricew - Thank-you so much - can't wait or vegas!
BeeGees : Thanks everyone - have to go, love you all...
Bertschinger : By Mo
Eleonore : Still waters is the best song on the CD!
BGWildflower : To Mo Man: I love you!!!!!!!! Sorry, had to! :o)
BGgirl : Love you Mo!!!!!!!!
Nicole : bye mo
LynnLyda : Love you too.
Eleonore : By Mo!
Taren : Love you all also Bee Gees!
Val4BGS : Thanks for your time. See you in Vegas!
MsMilliee : WOW was THAT exciting!
TerriBridge : Love you too, Mo...
PamJH : See you in 3 weeks!
Vickie : Love you Mo...see you in Vegas!
Juergen : No question. Would like to thank for the tours 1989 aad 1991. Come back to Germany!
Bertschinger : Call up your bros, Mo
Genie : we love you too Mo--take care!!
CosmoZoo : Maurice, thank you for the music.
gloria : By guys we love you too!!!!
Bertschinger : Wanna chat to them.
Tracey22 : Thanks, Mo..
Kgray : Take care Mo!
Taren : Wow, that was amazing!
LynnLyda : Thanks Capital 95 for hosting this chat.
Daisy9 : I love you and thank you for the music Love Maranda
BGWildflower : "My heart is beating like a drum!" LOL
Nicole : teach your brothers how to do this so we all can chat with them too
MsMilliee : Lynn - do you know how to e-mail them a thank you?
Nicole : oh, he's gone. never mind
Taren : you guys are great!!!!!
vicfra : Ciao a voi and thank you for your kindness
MsMilliee : this radio station to thank them for hosting
PamJH : That was great (for the 25 minutes I was here)!
LynnLyda : There should be an email address on their site.
TerriBridge : Drea, the schedule for the Vegas show isn't set yet...
Kgray : Yes Razz...Mo said not decided yet
MEL0DY : That was funn!
rob49 : Man, this is a wild ride! My first time. No longer a chat virgin!
CosmoZoo : well, guys, it's over, hehe
Juergen : I'd like to thank this British radio station that I've never heard of before.
Nicole : Hey, Mom!! Are you happy now?
admin : Thank you all for coming tonight. Maurice had a great time and really enjoyed it - Cheers:)

This chat transcript is here courtesy of Terri Bridge, President of the Bee Gees Fan Club. You can find a link to her site on the links page. Thank you Terri.

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