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Bee Gee's Fun Fans Only
Message Board

A place to chat, exchange information and have fun.

Please read these rules - by posting messages on my board you agree to abide by my rules. Posting here is a privilege and not a right. Continued infractions will cause you to be banned from the board, and reported to your ISP. I reserve the right to deny the use of this area at any time without stated reason.

Please, watch your language. The boards is open to people of all ages.

Be kind to others. Please don't forget that you are talking to living feeling human beings on this board!

Don't be afraid to post. A very wise person once said that "the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask".

Make new posters feel welcome. Remember that "newbies" may be intimidated to post, and that they can greatly benefit from the "old timers" on the boards. If you've been around for a while, be sure to introduce yourself to the newbies, and help show them the ropes.

Keep disagreements civil. You certainly don't have to agree with everyone on the board, but try to keep your disagreements on topic and BE NICE!

NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. There is no reason whatsoever for name calling and rudeness. You can argue and disagree while still being respectful of others.

Keep personal disagreements personal. If you disagree or dislike one person in particular, please take your comments to e-mail, where they belong. Any posts meant to bait others into a personal disagreement unrelated to the board topic will be removed. Any arguments of a personal nature will also be removed. And please, whenever possible, help steer others away from personal arguments as well!

Please heed and listen to the monitors. If they ask you to do or not do something, please listen to them. If you do not heed their advice, you may find your posts removed and yourself banned for a short time from the board. If the whole board gets in an uproar, the board might be closed for a period of time.

There should be no posts about personal websites or message boards without prior permission from the Forum Owner/Administrator or, in my absence, from one of the Forum Moderators.

Finally, I reserve the right to remove any post that is off-topic or not at all related to the board content.

Failure to comply by these posted guidelines and rules could cause you to lose the privilege of posting here.